NULL bool(true) Didn't Like Your Pintful Peanut Butter? | Let Us Know For A Full Refund!

Didn't Like Your Peanut Butter?! 😞

We are extremely sorry and have worked insanely hard to make our peanut butter as enjoyable as possible. But we know there's a small few that don't LOVE it as much as we do.

Would You Possibly Reconsider? (Read Before Contacting Please )

We would love for you to reconsider and maybe try it on some other foods or in a recipe to see if it tickles your fancy more! Here’s a link to our blog and Instagram which have loads of fun and delicious recipes you can try.

Being a young company cash and peanut butter is tight and every bit means a lot to us to help grow. But we also understand you spent your hard earned money to pay for some peanut butter you, unfortunately, didn’t like.

After trying it on different foods or a different recipe and you still don’t like it please drop us a line below and let us know why.

Warning: We will not process any refunds until you let us know why you didn’t like it. We would love and need your feedback to make each and every product better. 🙂 Thank you for understanding.

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